Change of Plans

Today has been a bit of a crazy day. I was rushing to get ready to go out the door when J got Little Miss up…and found that she’d vomited some time in the middle of the night and was running a low-grade fever (100.4). So instead of us all going down to my mom’s for the day, I went ahead and did my transport for the pyr rescue I drive for (he’s moving from boarding to vet to foster – I took him to the vet) and then went back home.

So despite the crazy, at least I got to meet this dude:

He’s underweight at 90lbs (sweet spot should be about 130) and either has a rectal growth or prolapse that is getting looked at today. He loved on me and watched the cars the whole way, and his coordinator has promised to keep me updated.

Little Miss is feeling a little off. A mix of lethargy and wanting to play at the same time. Instead of sitting around doing nothing this morning, I was productive! Le gasp, I know. I should have taken a before pick, but here’s the after:

The trash bin had just been emptied, so ALL of that is from the pantry. I also have a bunch of recycling that’s going out as well. Hopefully the rest of the day is a good day.


This past weekend I was able to attend the Chorister’s Guild workshop in DFW with my fellow children’s choir leaders, and it was a blast! The choir director for the choir I accompany had a really rough year last year, and I think she’s feeling refreshed with ideas on how to format the choir lessons and get the results she wants faster and in a more constructive manner. It also gave me a base for what I want to do when I have to lead the choir by myself.

I was able to attend a seminar with Mark Miller (who is a REALLY cool guy) on accompanying without music. I volunteered to give it a try, and it was fun. His manner of instruction is wonderful. He gives gentle directions and is very encouraging.

I rode up and back with the choir director for the pre-k choir. She’s also the director of a music academy. We’ve decided that we’re going to approach the church and my choir director about doing a week-long musical camp this summer. We’re really excited about doing it, and I’m hoping everyone goes for it. My choir director’s true love is theater, and we’re hoping she’ll love the idea of being in charge of the acting portion. We’re also hoping it will help build my choir director’s confidence in our ability to all work together collaboratively.

The pre-k choir director also helped me find a book for helping me broaden what I do with my own 2 kids. I already do little music activities with them, but this book is HUGE and has vocal, rhythm, and “wiggle” games as well as a bunch of songs.

Lots of exciting ideas to implement!

Another Post for Another Hat!

Boom! And thus, J’s next hat was finished. I said a lot of bad words at the end because I managed to miss two stitches while sewing the top. I’ve just learned the brioche stitch, and I think my most hated lesson about it is that dropped brioche stitches drop quickly and are hard to pick back up. However, I managed to finish it while at a music conference (more about that later). The yarn is from Expressions Fiber. It is their Fiery Fall in their Resilient Sock Yarn. The pattern isĀ Annelene Evensen’s Piece o’Cake Brioche Beanie on Ravelry here

I have two things on my two-do list now: A cowl for me and fixing…J’s last hat. Because he left it out and the cats did a number on it. Poo.

First Knitted Project of 2018


Behold! It is a hat! Back in June, my husband asked me if I’d make him a hat out of a skein of yarn he liked. He has a huge appreciation for handmade things and will actually shop with me for yarn from time to time. In this case, the yarn is dyed by an indie yarn – Blue Mule Fibers. We found it while browsing at the partnering meadery, Rohan (if you’re ever in La Grange, Texas, do yourself the favor of adding Rohan Meadery to your list of places to visit).

It’s a simple hat with a 1×1 rib hem and a broken rib body stitch. However, poor J had to wait until January due to me knitting Christmas presents.

I’m really happy with how it turned out! The yarn is soft, it fits his gigantic noggin, and he is happy with it to boot.

Next project: A hat for J. I know! I know! This is a hat I just knit him. But I owe him one more.

Trying Again

My sister will probably laugh at me when she sees this. She’ll probably think “don’t you have several blogs with this as the title? Several blogs where the first post is titled this and then there are maybe 1-2 other posts?”

And she’d be right.

I’m not good at blogging, but getting thoughts out of my head also helps me focus on what I need to focus on and get rid of thoughts that need to be trashed. So here we are.

This will essentially be a slice of life blog. Topics will include knitting, painting, D&D, family, and just whatever happens to be on my mind that day. I can’t promise a post every day or even every week, but hopefully this blog sticks.