A bunch of little updates

It’s been a while since I’ve posted (which is exactly what I promised, so hey, score for me). Here’s some going-ons!

1. 3.5 D&D – This is the largest group I play in. We had our two-night session a couple of weekends ago, and…it went swimmingly. We all had dinner together with the kids both nights. The first night, our DM wasn’t up for DMing (his dog had died that morning), so after dinner he took our dog on a walk while J got the kids in the tub and the rest of us came up with a BACK-UP PLAN. We did part of a one-shot and are saving it for a back-up should we ever need one again. The second night was much the same. Dinner with the kids, set-up during bath time, and then solid play. It was such a success that our next meet-up in a couple of weeks is going to be much the same. We’ve finished our downtime in Shackled City (post Umberhulk) and shall be heading out to save a dwarf from the terrors of the Underdark when we next meet again.

2. 5e D&D (J’s game) – We’re wrapping up the first chapter this evening. It’s been a fun campaign. T & I are the two whose character’s are on the up-and-up. Meta, I know that two characters are “up to something”, but I’m having fun with my character not knowing. I’m excited to get to the next chapter!

3. 5e D&D Curse of Strahd – My players are currently in the Amber Temple and we paused last night after they nearly got TPK’d by Neferon. Everyone but the NPC Vilnius made their saves, so at least there’s that. They’re going to take a long rest…as is Neferon. Hopefully he doesn’t roll so dang high against them next week.

4. Knitting – J’s blanket – J’s blanket is making progress! I’m currently knitting the 20th row. Only 8 rows to go after that! I managed to have the head finished when I gave it to him, and he recognized the character as Reaper immediately, so I count that as a success.

5. Knitting – A small project! After giving J his partially-completed blanket, I took a break and knit up some dice bags. I also forgot to take pictures of some of the dice bags. Pictured are the ones I was able to photograph. There’s also a purple one, another bright blue, and another denim blue that I made. They were for everyone in the 3.5 group + a player in my 5e group (so everyone in all groups got one bag each). I used Chris Ann Jacob’s Ravelry Pattern, going up to 18 stitches per needle, knitting 8 rounds, and then decreasing to 12 stitches per needle, knitting for another 8 rounds, and then following the pattern as-is from the drawstring holes-forward.



6. Family – We got to see J’s sister (A) and her husband (S) this weekend. The kids were thrilled, and so were we. They’re great people, and I’m so glad to have them in my life. They played with the kids pretty much as long as the kids were up. They had bought gifts for the kids and then forgotten them when they went on the trip with S’s family. S had the person watching their cats mail them down here. When we went to check the mail during the kids’ nap time, the postcard from my sister (K) and her husband (B) had also arrived. We did postcard first, with A asking the kids what they saw on the picture and me reading the message. Then we waited a bit and gave the kids their surprise from A & S. Little Dude has his first board game (which we have played about eleventy bajillion times since), and Little Miss has a unicorn costume and book.

Saturday we were all supposed to go to the zoo in our town (a small zoo composed of mostly rescued animals). However, one of A & S’s cats got dreadfully ill, so they headed out first thing in the morning. They insisted we take the kids without them instead of waiting for another visit, so we invited my mom and dad to go with us. It was a blast. A great opportunity for the kids to learn about animals AND see how much rescuing can help animals.

So that’s pretty much what’s going on in my life right now. Hope everyone is doing well!


D&D Group Update

So, a while ago, I vented on here about my D&D group, specifically crushed because I felt that the only solution to D&D weekends where I couldn’t get a sitter for the kids was to stay home and watch them and text in here and there.

Well, we had a session yesterday, and afterward looked at the calendar to see what date we could meet in June. Turned out to be June 9th. I looked at the calendar and realized that it was both a day I knew J’s mom and stepdad wouldn’t be available…and my parents would be watching the kids the weekend before. So I let the group know, and mentioned my plan on skyping/hangout videoing in as much as possible…and they said “No.”

“It definitely works better when the kids aren’t there. It’s a coin flip on how they do while we’re playing. But…we want you there.”
“Yeah, what’s another solution we could do?”
“Well, what if we met for dinner and just played after the kids were in bed?”
“That’s a good idea, but hey, what if we did that Saturday and Sunday so we got a full session in.”
“Ok, we’re all free for those, so that’s what we’re doing.”
“We want to make sure you know you’re an appreciated member of the group.”

I am overwhelmed. I asked J if he’d said anything, and he said he had not, but that multiple members had come in and checked in with him on how I was doing. I think they all felt bad about that weekend, and they’ve definitely made up for it.

Weekend Wrap Up

It’s been a weekend.

I didn’t write Friday. Friday was spent cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning, all while wrangling the kids. It was pretty successful. The house was nice and clean for D&D on Saturday.

D&D was interesting. I’ve spoken to J on a couple of occasions. More and more lately, I’ve been getting a weird vibe on the sessions I don’t DM (J’s weekly session and the monthly session T DMs). It’s felt like whenever I have a rules question or try to get more info on abilities, I get shut down fairly quickly, usually to my character’s disadvantage, and the guys back up the DM. At the same time, when they have rule questions or try to get more info, there’s discussion and back-and-forth and usually if it’s left unresolved, it’s in the questioning player’s favor. Yesterday, twice, J asked T discussions, and they went back-and-forth, and both times everyone supported him and it kind of solidified that impression.

We also had the kids that day, since our normal sitters weren’t available. Little Miss had a rougher day, and she needed a little more attention than normal. The kids were also going in and out pretty much all day. I understand that interruptions aren’t fun, but they understood when they picked that day that it would have the kids. After the session, I got an earful of complaints and snark about the kids’ interruptions. J didn’t get any of them. It was just directed at me.

It sort of solidified the feeling that I’m the tolerated significant other whom the group deals with so that they keep the person they want to be there. J has tried to squash that feeling, which is sweet. But when I talked with him about it last night, he admitted that he saw what I saw last night.

It’s so weird. Because they’re his friends. And I certainly don’t want to make him uncomfortable around his friends. I thought they were my friends too, and I think some of them are but I also think that, for whatever reason, I’m an annoyance to them.

I’ve decided for the monthly campaign that if we can’t get a sitter, I’ll stay home and watch the kids and J will have control of my character. I just have no more intentions of cleaning our house and playing hostess and mom and still getting flack for it. For the ones I can make, I’ll play, but I’m going to keep it more superficial. I was definitely more guarded Saturday, and I think that will continue. I’ll play it by ear on whether I continue playing at all, depending on how often I actually get to make it and how the group’s attitude is.

For the weekly campaign I DM, I’m highly undecided. By far one of the grumpiest players regarding the kids there was a player who is in my campaign as well. My gut right now is that this week I’m going to feel “not up” to DMing. Next week we’ll actually be gone and unavailable.

For tonight’s session that J DMs, I don’t know. I may play ill. I just need a break.

And who knows, I might change my mind on all of this. I’m just feeling rather down, and I need to get it all out of my head. And that’s what this site is for.

Friday 5 (April 6)

So, I’m stealing this format from Musings of an Everyday Girl to help me write and get thoughts out. We’ll see how it all goes.


One Broken shoe. I love these shoes, which isn’t a usual thing for me. I sent this picture to my friend who works at the fancy-shmancy foot store where I bought it, and I broke everyone’s brains. The mystery was solved when my friend revealed that I have two toddlers. Evidently these shoes were not built for squatting down on tip-toe while hanging out with toddlers, and I eventually pushed the strain too far. There’s too much wear on them for me to get them replaced, but they do have a brand for me to try next time. And I gave them a funny story.


Two My van broke in multiple ways. Really, it’s quite fortunate. Up at the top, you can see that I took it in for them to fix the parking brake pedal. It had broken when I tried to put it on at a gas station. I figured (as did they) that the spring had let go. Since the van was due for an oil change, I asked them to change the oil too. I dropped it off and walked the kids home (yay for the shop being only half a mile away). The oil tech was freed up first…and found a massive oil leak. Evidently it’s an issue in my model, and my shop is unfortunately very honest. However, they did get it fixed.

Oh, and the parking brake pedal spring did break, and it took out the whole parking brake assembly with it. They’ll fix it on Monday.

Three I’m trying a thyroid supplement. It takes all the supplements I should be taking from about 5 billion to just 2. So that’s pretty awesome. I need to take better care of myself, so I’m going to try to get more frequent workouts in as well.


Four The black chicken finally figured how to get in our yard! She’s the sweetest of the bunch. My neighbors also left two dozen eggs on our front porch. The ladies lay some pretty tasty eggs!


Five J’s blanket is going to take FOREVER. I’m really happy with the size so far, though, and I like how the work is going. And now, with this weekend husband- and kid-free, I’m going to go work on it some more.


Lots going on lately. I’ve managed to get 4 of 29 rows completed so far on J’s anniversary gift (80 squares), and I’m 15 squares into row 5. It’s coming along nicely, and I’m really pleased. I need to take progress pictures, but J is here right now. Maybe tomorrow. I’ve realized I probably need more yarn, so I’ve got that on order.

The weekend J took Little Dude up to the pinball festival went well. They had a lot of fun, his dad’s wife wasn’t there, and his dad did well with Little Dude. Little Miss spent the weekend quite put out.

This past Easter was a lot of fun. I got to see my younger sister and her husband, and that was great. The kids really enjoyed it. They love their aunt and uncle, and I’m always when we can get together. We did a cave/zoo tour on Good Friday, a yarn shop and dinner on Saturday, Easter celebration on Sunday, and they flew back out yesterday. I’ll miss ’em, but it was good to see them.

This Friday, J will take Little Dude and Little Miss up to his mom’s so they can go to a cousin’s birthday party on Saturday. My sitter is out of town, and his mom doesn’t want us to bring Gypsy, so I’ll be staying home to take care of Gypsy. I’ll also be keeping an eye on Wookie, who is pretty much recovered from a little stint with urethra and bladder issues. He’s on the same food as Bandit now, and he’s doing a lot better. I’ll also get as much done as possible on the blanket.

My thyroid is out of whack again, so I’m going in on Thursday to get that tested. I also have a supplement coming in, and I’m looking forward to seeing if that helps as well. Here’s hoping.


I’m still working on the shawl I frogged a while back. It has fewer rows to go, but so many more stitches. It’s turning out pretty and delicate, and I love it.

J and I have our 7th anniversary coming up in June. The traditional gift is wool (I typed yarn the first time, lol), so I’ve come up with a project I want to do. My mom helped me with the particulars. I’ve ordered the yarn from Knit Picks, so now I just have to wait for it to get here…and then knit like a fiend. I’m really excited to start. I don’t know that I’ll finish it on time, but I want as much of it finished as possible.

I’ve also started my allergy drops today. They say it can take up to 12 months to start seeing results, but usually not quite that long. Then of course it takes about 2-5 years for long-term results. Here’s hoping for some allergy relief…since I’m already on antibiotics for my first sinus infection of the year (hello spring pollens).

I’m also a total ball of anxiety for this coming weekend. J is going to take Little Dude to a festival J’s dad helped start. I’m…not a fan of J’s dad. Long story short, he’s estranged from my sister-in-law, and we were estranged with him until Little Dude was born. The relationship is still awkward. J has told me they’ll stay in the hotel. He bought ear protection, and he’ll monitor behavior on J’s dad’s part. I’m hoping J’s dad’s wife just won’t be there. She’s not a nice person, and I don’t trust her with my kids. So I’m hoping this all goes well.

However, hopefully the yarn will get here in time that I can then bang out a lot of work on the project while he’s gone. >.>